Cat hotel with hot spring and nice Japanese dinner close to Atami.

I went to Atami and stay in a unique hotel. There are a lot of cats in the hotel where I stayed. The hotel name is Minshuku Nozaki.

Minshuku Nozaki is about a 5-minute walk from Usami Station. By the way, Usami station is about 20 minutes by train from Atami where is famous for travels for hot springs. The price is about 6,000 yen per person containing a dinner. I enjoyed the Japanse dinner, Sashimi. The quality and quantity of the dinner are very high, considering the price. This is because the hotel is close to the sea, and fresh fish is delivered to the hotel. The hotel also has a natural hot spring.
In addition, the hotel has a lot of Japanese cats. Therefore some cats entered my room. I love cats and was refreshed by them.

From the outside of the room, I heard “Meow, Meow”, appealing to enter the room. Cats who well know how to use humans. I didn’t know the exact number, but there were at least three in the hotel. Besides, this hotel is close to the sea and reaches the coast in about 5 minutes on foot. There were a lot of surfers on this shore. There are also a lot of cats around the hotel.

The hotel recommends a store selling dried fishes, and then, I bought dried fishs and ate them. The taste was excellent. I want to recommend the store for the Souvenir.