Rental bicycle trip from the Enoshima island to Kamakura

After finishing curry lunch, I headed for Kamakura. Kamakura was capital from 1185 to 1333.

We choose a path in the mountainside.
As we rose a bicycle, We went in a fun pathway.

Arrive at Gokurakuji Station.
The post office and the station are harmonious.

Gokurakuji station is a lovely spot for tourists, and fashionable cafes are lined up around Gokurakuji station. These cafe shops have a classical Japanese atmosphere.
The area was rich in nature, and Enoden was passing the side of the road, and it was an excellent pathway for rising a bicycle.

I chose a mountain path, but I’m lost. . .
We aim at Kamakura by relying on Google map.

I arrived at Kamakura somehow.
But Kamakura is very crowd. (Komachi Street)
Many shops appear old Japanese Kamakura style.

Komachi Street

It was challenging to find a bicycle parking lot in Kamakura.
I found a bicycle parking lot near the station. Was it 100 yen per hour?

Parking lot in Kamakura

I am tired because of riding a bicycle, so I would like to take a break at a coffee shop.
We had a matcha tea tiramisu and iced coffee at Momiji tea shop.

Momiji shop

The taste was modestly sweets and creamy.
As a personal opinion, I thought that it would be better to order roasted green tea to eat Tiramisu better than Coffe.
The calories consumed on the bike were oversupplied with Tiramisu.
Recently, two people who are worried about our high weight.

We aimed at the top of Mt. Kamakura appropriately to consume the calories that were oversupplied.
I climb a mountain by bicycle. . . . .

I will write about the return from Kamakura to Enoshima in this blog.