Rental bicycle trip aroud the Enoshima island

I went to Enoshima with my university friend.
Let’s go around Enoshima by bicycle !!
We went to Enoshima again and again by walk, and we know it thoroughly, so we would like to see the island from different perspectives by riding a bicycle.

I searched for a rental shop and found it. It is a rental bicycle shop of Shonan and Enoshima. Within 10 minutes from Enoshima Station. The price range is 500 yen per hour, so it was relatively cheap as a sightseeing spot. We paid 1800 yen to ride a bike for more than 4 hours. A friend paid an additional fee, 200 yen, front basket.
It is the start of two men’s bicycle trip.

At first, we explored the edge of Enoshima, which is hard to reach on foot.

Cross the bridge and follow the road. Then a big white building appeared.
It looks interesting, so let’s go inside.

What is it here?
There were coffee shops and free marketers. I could see the sea when I upstairs the building.

I think that no tourists will not come here.
There were few people at the top of the building, and it was a comfortable place.

When I took a walk through the building, I learned what this building is.

It was a yacht harbor. (Shonan Nagisa Park)
This is the venue for the yacht during the Tokyo Olympics.

Next time I became hungry, I decided to go for lunch. my friend introduced me to a recommended curry shop \ (^ o ^) /
I will go along the beach lightly by bicycle. I went along the side of Enoden’s track on the way. Enoshima is a famous place because many masterpieces were boned, such as “Slam Dunk.” I encountered foreigners such as Chinese and Korean. They are wearing a basketball uniform. Is it a holy place, pilgrimage?

I arrived at a curry shop. The name of the shop is “Sangosho Moana Makai,” a pretty famous shop.

The store had a high ceiling and an open space, and there were also terrace seats. You can see the sea from the terrace seat, and you can see the person who is surfing.

The curry I ordered is beef curry. I chose a cow though the place was a sea.

It was a mild taste with a large and soft beef. It was good.
It was unique that a salad is on top of the rice.

After eating curry, I aim for Kamakura.

I will write a new blog about Kamakura.

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