Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology Shows Engineering Spirit to cause an Innovation

I visited the Toyota commemorative museum of industry and technology. The location was about 15 minutes on foot from Nagoya Station and easy to access. Initially, I was not a fan of cars. Therefore, I went without particularly expecting. However, the Toyota museum was an excellent place and beyond my expectations. It was a place where I could learn what I am becoming a fan of Toyota after visiting the museum (* ^^ *)

The entrance of museum

The entrance of the building is made of red brick. It looks like a red brick in Yokohama. Indeed the museum is vast, I became lost. I do not know the route. . .
Suddenly, I heard music. I thought that someone is playing.
When I went to a sounding place where people gathered, it was not a human being who was playing, but a robot (‘· ω · `)
It played famous music masterfully.

A robot play a music

The robot plays the violin.
It plays the violin better than me.
I can feel the current flow of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. It’s not too long for a humanoid robot to come into our lives.
I wondered how long it takes to make this robot?
Also, was it challenging to develop this robot with a pressure sensor?
A fusion of music and robots! It’s on the cutting edge.
From now on, the hybrid of science and art will become a hot field.
After all, we need to combine music and art to impress people.
If art and science can be combined, research results can be disseminated, and research results can be delivered to the general society in an easy-to-understand manner.
After listening to the music, I went a little further and found a map.

A map of the museum

The map shows that there are mainly textile machine building and automobile building in the hall.
I paid an entrance fee, 500 yen, for adults.
Toyota is famous worldwide as an automobile company, but Toyota was formerly renowned for a company that makes textiles.
First, I entered the Textile Machine Museum to trace history.

The view of the hall

The successive weaving machines were arranged in the room.
The founder of the Toyota Group is Sakichi Toyota, the first person to make an automatic weaving machine in Japan. In a sense, I think there is no exaggeration to say that it is a person involved in the first industrial revolution in Japan.
I think he was thinking about a method that can weave automatically and efficiently all day long.
The photos and videos below are a machine for spinning yarn with water power.

A spinning machine
Hydropower for spinning yarn

I was able to feel the heat of engineers who do not exist now just by looking at the exhibits. What is different from other museums is the weight of demonstrations, which will be demonstrated using a vast machine. Therefore, loud noises are resounding in the vast hall. Because there are many experimental types, it may be fun for adults and children. Besides, there is a playground for children called Technoland, which I think is a facility that children can enjoy learning.

Next is the story of Toyota Ichiro who made Toyota Motor.
I’m going to write in part 2.

Part 2 (Car Edition)