Tado Shrine and Morning Market

I participate in the morning market in front of the Tado shrine.
Tado Taisha is a shrine in the northern part of Mie Prefecture; another name is Kita Ise Shrine.
Mie Prefecture is called Ise Jingu, and there are many shrines.
Mie is a famous place where there is an important history of Oda Nobunaga and the Japanese Emperor.

Tado has big toriis on the road.
It is curious to go through the toriis by car because we usually go through a torii by walk.

Tado has a rich nature, mountains, woods, rivers.

Arrival is a little early, and the start of the morning market is from 9:00.
Until then, I took a walk around the shrine.

There are Japanse old quaint buildings.

The entrance of the shrine is a beautiful and quaint place.
At this shrine, horses are used as rituals, and at festivals, horses are used to run and climb the mountains to arrive the shrine. (Raising horse gods)

It is said that the person who climbs on a horse has a good thing in this year.
Is this competition difficult for the general public?
Maybe it’s a job that only professionals can do.

After the sightseeing, the morning market started.

This is a Hamaguri restaurant shop opened by my wife’s family.
This store provides a high quality of “Hamaguri” to restaurants and high-class restaurants all over the country.
Kuwana city is famous for Hamaguri in Japan. \ (^ o ^) /

Do you know this picture?

It is called “Hamaguri dog” as a character of Kuwana city.
I ate a Hamagri steamed in sake.
It was delicious.

From May to July is the highest season for Hamaguri.
There are various kinds of stores, beers, fried foods, local vegetables, and some antiques such as stoves and lanterns. The antique store was cool for me.

It was a lively morning market as a whole, and there was a warm atmosphere.

For those who go sightseeing in Tado, it would be a good plan to join many morning markets from the morning and climb on a shrine or mountain from noon.
I assume that you can refresh in the forest bath that you can not feel in the city like Tokyo.
Please come by all means (‘· ω · `)